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    Zia Judicials helps every student irrespective of their background or learning ability,
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    Zia Judicials is loacated in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi. We have plans to expand
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Preparation for Judiciary is the most important aspect for any aspirant to crack Judicial Services Exams, Choosing the right coaching for judiciary is itself a task, below are few points that helps you to choose Zia Judicials as your coaching institute for Judiciary.

Small Batch Size

If you are learning with lesser number of students, interaction with teacher is easy.

Verified Study Material

The study material is personally verified by Zia Sir himself.

Experienced Faculty

You get to the learn the concepts from an experienced teacher.

24*7 Student Assistance

For us if a student has a query even at the late hours of night, we are available.

State of the Art Infrastructure

A Library, Neat and Clean Classrooms ensures likely environment for studies.

In depth Discussion

With Zia Judicials, It's not Just About Selection it's about absolute understanding of the concept.

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Enroll Now For Judiciary Coaching Program in English & Hindi at Zia Judicials.

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Prepare for Judicial Services in English Medium at Zia Judicials. Weekend & Weekday Batches are Available. Offline Classes Available in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

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Judiciary Hindi

Prepare for Judicial Services in Hindi Medium at Zia Judicials. Weekend & Weekday Batches are Available. Offline Classes Available in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

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Why Choose Us ?

We are Zia Judicials, The institute was named due to 2 factors 1) Zia Sir - Who is the Founder of Zia Judicials 2) Z I A - these 3 alphabets denotes something which will make you choose us for Judiciary coaching. If you want to learn from someone who is more passionate to teach you than you are to learn, it states that you are at the right place.

Zeal to Succeed
In depth Understanding of the Concepts
Absolutely Result Oriented


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Guest Lecturer, Silver Medalist (LL.M.) & Pursuing PhD

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Faculty Judicial Services

Founder of Zia Judicials, Excellent academic records and experience in teaching Criminal Procedural Law& Substantive Law. A Strong Believer of Modern Technique with Practical Examples. He was an assistant professor at Innovative Institute of Law in 2016. He taught Jurisprudence & CrPC to B.A LL.B. Students.

In 2017, He was an assistant professor in JEMTEC School of Law, Greater Noida. He was also a member of Legal Aid Society. He is a visiting faculty at Lloyd Law College, Noida at present. Here he is teaching Evidence and Criminal Procedure Code Subjects to Students. Zia UL Mustafa Ansari has also explored deeply in Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition & Land Reform Act. He has been instrumental in teaching every subject related to Judicial Services & a Silver Medalist in LL.M. (Criminal Law).

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Tips For a Successful Judicial Interview

Interview is the most significant assessment from among all the tests conducted to gauge the aptitude and abilities of a candidate for the post he aspires to be posted at. It is the part of exam that determines the candidate’s future. It is important to note that interview preparation is inextricably linked with your knowledge of law as well as current affairs

It is said that first impressions are the most lasting; Do remember that not only your knowledge but your whole personality will be judged by the interviewing panel. Face the panel and confidently and Start with a Greeting.

The Interviewers normally pay more attention to a candidate who displays an enthusiasm in whatever (s)he says. This enthusiasm comes natural while you put forward your viewpoint. You should maintain a cheerful disposition during the interview.

Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” It is actually the most impressive skill of a good communicator. So, always present your views in a lucid manner while being to-the-point throughout the interview. A talkative or verbose person is instantly disliked by the interviewers. If you do not know the answer to a question, never ever try to bluff as it will be counterproductive. The interviewers respect integrity and honesty of the interviewees.

Many interviewees adopt a stance that is not in consonance with their personality traits. It is amusing for interviewers when a candidate launches into an accent which he or she cannot sustain consistently throughout the interview. Do remember that the interviewers appreciate a natural person rather than an actor.

Mostly, interviews continue for the whole day, leading to fatigued minds. A little humor as a starter will make the environment favorable for you. However, avoid humor if you are not good at it.

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Judicial Services Examination is an entry-level exam for law graduates to become members of the subordinate judiciary. The exam focuses on the current events of national and international importance. The Judicial Services Examination provides a secure and comfortable tenure. Besides, it gives an opportunity to the selected candidates to serve the country. Judicial Service Examination is held in three successive stages namely Preliminary Examination, Mains and Interview.

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Judges preside over court hearings and trials, supervise legal proceedings and uphold the rights of individuals involved in a legal process. They ensure that trials are conducted according to established rules and procedures, which may include determining how testimony is given and evidence submitted. In non-jury criminal trials, judges decide a defendant's guilt or innocence, and in civil cases rule on liability and compensation.There are six general steps you must follow to become a judge.

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There is a popular saying that behind every successful man there is a woman. However, this may not be true and unmistakably not true in the case of a woman – who fought with all the differences, discrimination and manage to rise or uplift herself with little support. In earlier years, women have considered as a puppet who can only sufficient to do household chores and in managing our family.Nevertheless,from the last decade or two women came up as a superhero or you can say the true fighter of the modern era.

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