Indian Law Facts Every Citizen Should Know

1. At the time of driving if your blood contains more than 30mg of alcohol per 100ml then the police can arrest him/her without a warrant.

2. No woman can be arrested before 6 A.M. and after 6 P.M in order to stop them from getting harassed.

3. A Police officer can’t refuse to lodge an FIR irrespective of place of crime. If he/she does so they could be jailed for up to 6 months to 1 year.

4. Hotels can’t prohibit you from drinking potable water and using its washrooms.

5. A police officer is always on duty whether he/she is wearing a uniform or not. If a person makes an objection to the officer, he/she could not state that he can’t help the victim because he/ she is not on the duty.

6. As per the Hindu Marriage Act(1955) , Any husband or wife can apply for divorce in the court on the basis of Adultery (physical relationship outside of marriage), impotency, to leave home without information, physical and mental abuse, change Hindu religion and adopt other religion, insanity, incurable disease and no information about husband or wife for seven year.

7. Only women police constable can arrest women. Male police constable doesn’t have the right to arrest women.

8. In the case of a serious crime only after receipt of the written order from the magistrate, a male policeman can arrest a woman.

9. There are very few people who know that if their gas cylinder blasts during the cooking of food then the gas agency is liable to pay Rs. 50 lakh to the victim as compensation. To claim this compensation consumer need to lodge an FIR to the nearest police station and submit it to the concerned gas agency.

10. It would surprise you to know that if you take a gift from any company on the occasion of a festival, it falls into the category of bribery. You can also be sentenced to jail for this. If you are fined for a crime (like riding without a helmet or any other reason) then you will not be fined for the same reason on the same day.

Ones you have passed your LLB degree honesty it means you have no good understanding of law so all you need to do is make a right strategy and brush up knowledge with writing practice. It means if you make the proper and suitable strategy and start following that honesty nothing is going to stop you.
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